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Remainders: This wake up call brought to you by…

  • NYC is using celebrities’ voices to get kids out of bed and into schools. (GS, NYT)
  • New to the community section, the director of a college prep program writes about the SATs. (GS)
  • For two years, a teacher tried to get his students to school on time with mixed results. (GS)
  • A new education news criticism site may not offer the most practical feedback. (Educated Reporter)
  • Math for America, a program to develop math-savvy teachers, is adding science. (EdWeek)
  • A self-described “science fair geek” says we should do more to help schools hold them. (Eduflack)
  • Rick Hess punches some holes in the new reports on Michelle Rhee’s scores. (EdWeek)
  • Andy Rotherham examines commonly held views about Teach for America. (Time)
  • A former TFA teacher explains why the program left him unprepared for the classroom. (EdWeek)
  • A Pennsylvania teacher was suspended for trash-talking her students on her blog. (Courier Times)

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