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Remainders: Teachers say city mostly to blame at Jane Addams

  • Jane Addams High School teachers say the city is to blame for the crediting scandal there. (SchoolBook)
  • Chicago is considering joining the Gates charter-district compact that New York is already in. (Catalyst)
  • About that rampant cheating on the SAT? Students and educators actually say it’s rare. (NPR)
  • Also rare: sexting. Just 1 percent of students ages 10-17 have ever sent racy pictures by cell phone. (AP)
  • The New York State Labor History Association honored UFT President Michael Mulgrew. (Labor Notes)
  • The Florida school board member who took — and bombed — a state test speaks out. (Answer Sheet)
  • A Queens Republican is the first to say Mayor Bloomberg’s class size math makes total sense. (Courier)
  • Says Judy: Sometimes questions about school rules aren’t about rules but about ethics. (Insideschools)
  • Like much of his beliefs, Newt Gingrich’s education platform has been all over the map. (Politics K-12)
  • Rick Hess on why education innovation tends to “crash and burn” and what can be done. (Straight Up)

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