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Remainders: Torn feelings on a troubled and troubling student

  • A teacher describes torn feelings at watching a student be handcuffed and taken to a hospital. (Prelife)
  • Former Chancellor Cathie Black is the winner of a 2011 Fifteen Minutes Award. (NY Mag)
  • A new community education journalism endeavor is set to take root in Macon, Ga. (Southern Ed Desk)
  • A rap version of Strunk and White’s classic writing handbook, “Elements of Style.” (YouTube)
  • After a favorable ruling for a teacher accused of making a threat, bills and lost time remain. (JD2718)
  • Analyzing Washington Irving High School’s scores and finding evidence of success. (Gary Rubinstein)
  • And a DOE official responds to a protest against Washington Irving’s planned closure. (SchoolBook)
  • A PEP member who runs a teen-pregnancy nonprofit defends the city’s sex ed mandate. (GS Community)
  • A first-grade teacher on how she taught herself to teach gender-variant children. (Rethinking Schools)

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