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Rise & Shine: State investigating ed officials’ Pearson perks

  • The state’s attorney general is investigating Pearson Education’s relationship with state officials. (Times)
  • A church being evicted from a public space says the city is taking liberties with a recent legal ruling. (AP)
  • A custodian says he had to work at P.S. 51 weeks after it was deemed too toxic for students. (Daily News)
  • Parents from the school say the city hasn’t taken their health concerns seriously. (Riverdale Press)
  • Looking back at 2011 in the city schools, which was defined by leadership change. (NY1)
  • The student who stabbed a classmate at Erasmus was supposed to see a therapist that day. (Daily News)
  • More background on the Harlem French-language charter school that’s taken a rocky path. (Daily News)
  • A principal, P.S. 150’s, was picked for the forthcoming Peck Slip School. (Downtown Express)
  • The city turned down parents’ request to fast-track plans to relieve crowding at P.S. 116. (SchoolBook)
  • Across the country, some charter schools’ ethnic themes result in self-segregation. (BusinessWeek)