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Remainders: Praise for the city's school policies — on holidays

  • A dad says the city’s school policies are the best — when it comes to winter holidays. (Insideschools)
  • In which the process of educating students is compared to baking a coconut cake. (Boston Globe)
  • In South Korea’s much lauded schools, a single exam determines students’ entire future. (Economist)
  • A look back at one year as a school librarian, and forward to the next year. (Education on the Plate)
  • Crowd-sourced nominees for “transformational” schools in New York and elsewhere. (Sam Chaltain)
  • Among 26 facts about Finland’s schools: many students go to vocational schools. (Business Insider)
  • The college counselor at Abraham Lincoln High School serves 2,600 students. (SchoolBook)
  • A city teacher argues for open-source curriculum to help educators feel less isolated. (GS Community)
  • Advancing the idea that not all teachers have to devote themselves to poor children. (Mike Goldstein)
  • Following up with a class of children promised college tuition, 23 years later. (Washington Post)
  • An ethnic achievement gap is detected within a racial achievement gap in Seattle. (Ed Week)
  • The president of Stuyvesant’s Board Games Club, a senior, was struck and killed by a car. (Daily News)
  • A look at what’s keeping Chris Cerf “acting” as New Jersey’s schools chief after a year. (N.J. Spotlight)
  • Behind Justin Bieber’s music and $100,000 donation is a scrappy Las Vegas principal. (Answer Sheet)
  • Two Los Angeles teachers issued a Christmas rap against looming school busing cuts. (GOOD)
  • Thanks to all the readers making end-of-year donations! Support local education journalism by Dec. 31.

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