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Remainders: Injecting teacher voice into Chicago's time debate

  • Chicago teachers weigh in on the school-time debate with 49 ways to use their time better. (Viva Project)
  • A Detroit ed official says creating a parent leadership network was one of his best decisions. (HuffPo)
  • John Merrow: If teachers come from the bottom third, it’s of the top third: college graduates. (HuffPo)
  • About the essay “If I Were A Poor Black Kid”: It wasn’t written by a poor black kid. (Forbes)
  • Now you too can be like the Florida school board member and take standardized tests. (Answer Sheet)
  • Mark Fusco: Students lose out when there is high teacher turnover, as at some schools. (GS Community)
  • A conference in D.C. today tackled how to train teachers on formative assessment. (Teacher Beat)
  • An exploration of the Times’ online-school parent’s other, less good options. (Starting an Ed School)
  • Mike Petrilli: Now we need policies that guarantee high quality among online schools. (Flypaper)
  • Alliance for Quality Education: Suggestions for how to move forward after the state’s tax deal. (EdVox)
  • The recently disem-voweled TNTP is launching a $15,000 prize for great teachers. (TNTP)
  • A parent explains how school choice led to racial segregation in her neighborhood. (NYC P.S. Parents)

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