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Remainders: Deep cuts threatened to city after-school program

  • The city is planning to slash funding for an after-school program started under Bloomberg. (SchoolBook)
  • All donations on DonorsChoose today will be doubled. View New York City projects. (DonorsChoose)
  • Advocates For Children offers a three-point plan for understand the harm of school closures. (Facebook)
  • According to a teacher, the city’s gift shop honors police and firefighters but not teachers. (NYC Educator)
  • A call for concerned parents of District 15 to make the trek to the PEP meeting in Queens. (Brooklyn Rail)
  • A maxim: Teachers who try to control students are not in control of their classrooms. (Coach G)
  • In a far-ranging speech, Diane Ravitch praised Finland’s lack of standardized testing. (Schools Matter)
  • Yet Finland does in fact have standardized testing. A look at it and how it’s used. (Education Nation)
  • Diana Senechal defends the contributions of her mentor, Ravitch, to education history. (New Republic)
  • Because of statistical issues, charter schools’ NAEP scores are reported for just six districts. (Russo)
  • Pittsburgh is spending two-thirds of the first half of a Gates grant on consultants. (Trib-Review via Russo)
  • Race to the Top looks like it is going to survive budget battles to live for another year. (Politics K-12)

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