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Remainders: Why parents at low-performing charters don’t leave

  • How to persuade parents at struggling charter schools to vote with their feet. (Eduwonk)
  • A six-year teaching veteran felt alienated by Michael Mulgrew at a recent event. (LinkEd)
  • A new book shows how economic inequality is driving educational inequity. (Hechinger)
  • The modal years of teaching experience is now at 1, from 15 twenty years ago. (Atlanta J-C)
  • The author of the California math standards praises the Common Core. (American Educator, PDF)
  • In Philly, protesting not dropouts, but “pushouts” — a deliberate rebranding. (Notebook)
  • A push to make teacher evaluation demands a part of a reauthorized NCLB. (Ed Week)
  • Relate: a guide to the first draft of legislation circulating in the Senate. (Politics K12)
  • Inside a “flipped” classroom, where lectures are assigned as digital homework. (USA Today)