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Rise & Shine: Reality of layoffs sets in, with hearings on horizon

  • Four minority women who are to lose their jobs in today’s aide layoffs tell their stories. (SchoolBook)
  • The City Council formally announced a hearing on the layoffs and scheduled it for Tuesday. (WSJ)
  • Success Charter Schools plan to expand into more gentrified Brooklyn neighborhoods. (Schoolbook)
  • Union officials hosted a testy meeting with ATRs to discuss the way they’re being used. (GothamSchools)
  • Officials use old fashioned way to promote a five-day parent academy on college readiness. (Daily News)
  • A gay sports bar trying to open on school property was rebuffed by a Community Board. (City Room)
  • A Queens school, PS 151, reversed its own decision to end its French immersion program. (Daily News)
  • Boys and Girls High School principal responds to an op-ed calling him a “dictator.” (Amsterdam News)
  • Low-income parents are going back to school through a program aimed at boosting their children. (NY1)
  • Chicago’s teacher residency program is trying to recruit more minority teachers by starting early. (Times)
  • Charter schools in big Tennessee cities are showing mixed results. (The Tennessean)
  • Michigan narrowly voted to lift its state cap on charter schools. (Detroit Free Press)