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Remainders: Could the city’s budget woes have a silver lining?

  • Wondering whether the city’s latest hiring freeze will change the situation for ATRs. (Chaz’s School Daze)
  • Video of New York City parent activists speaking at NBC’s Education Nation event. (NYC P.S. Parents)
  • The new kid who thinks he knows everything actually doesn’t know anything at all. (NYC Educator)
  • Coney Island Prep offered carrots and nags to get parents to do the DOE survey. (Starting an Ed School)
  • A view into the open-ended college counseling at Renaissance Charter HS for Innovation. (Eduwonk)
  • Diana Senechal: Evidence, which the Common Core standards exalt, isn’t everything. (Core Knowledge)
  • A math scholar offers a candid take on the Common Core’s math standards. (Rick Hess Straight Up)
  • Kevin Carey: The Republicans are proposing education policy like it’s 1990 to 1994. (New Republic)
  • An overview of the need, the path, and the plan behind the city’s new sex ed mandate. (Gotham Gazette)
  • Happy World Teachers Day! Experts weigh in on teacher training and quality. (Learning Matters)
  • Joe Williams notes that a chief NCLB tenet, transfer from failing schools, never caught on. (DFER Blog)
  • The author of the blog-turned-book “Fed Up With School Lunch” revealed her identity. (Chicago Tribune)