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Remainders: Double-digit raise for the head of NYSUT: report

  • As school budgets were cut, the head of the state teachers union got a big raise. (Albany Times-Union)
  • Responding to our story, charter school opponents called Hakeem Jeffries a “sellout.” (Politicker NY)
  • A well-meaning teacher tries to share a working copier with peers but is blocked. (NYC Educator)
  • A teacher describes two extremes of the teacher-evaluation spectrum, neither one pleasant. (Ed Week)
  • “This American Life” takes on middle school (and has a GothamSchools shoutout!). (This American Life)
  • A look at the new, post-PTA brand of parent advocacy around education. (Education Next)
  • In L.A., a lawsuit on behalf of students aims to force more teacher evaluations. (PDF, via Eduwonk)
  • Advice to city charter schools from Milwaukee, where many charters are teacher-led. (NY Teacher)
  • Chicago Mayor Emanuel said the teachers union is “cheating kids” by opposing extended day. (Catalyst)
  • A study by an organization pushing to change teacher prep says teachers support their efforts. (NCTQ)