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Rise & Shine: Late schedule changes wreak havoc at LIC school

  • Troubled Long Island City High School angered students this week by redoing their schedules. (NY1)
  • Chancellor Walcott said the city has improved high schools but must do more. (Daily News, AP)
  • Parents at the building picked for Eva Moskowitz’s new school are pushing back. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • In the majority of city schools that don’t have metal detectors, cell phones enter freely. (WNYC)
  • DOE officials say they might revise Tribeca rezoning plans using parents’ feedback. (Tribeca Trib)
  • Chicago’s new “Office of Portfolio” is using a complex formula to decide which schools to close. (Times)
  • Alabama’s immigration law fits a strategy to limit education rights for illegal immigrant students. (Times)
  • Parents at P.S. 194 in the Bronx are upset that some students are bused out of the area. (Daily News)