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Rise & Shine: Lower college-readiness rate at new small schools

  • Fewer graduates from small high schools Mayor Bloomberg started are college-ready. (Daily News)
  • Chancellor Walcott outlined policies to improve family engagement. (GothamSchools, Times, WSJ)
  • The Post calls Tuesday night’s PEP meeting protest “an ugly new chapter in a sad old story.”
  • Students at 15 schools are learning about the health and economic impact of their food choices. (Times)
  • Science Skills High School kept four bathrooms locked, limiting 600+ students to one toilet. (Daily News)
  • Not a single high school in Queens got an F on its progress report this year. (Daily News)
  • Riverdale elementary and middle schools are crowded but high schools have space. (Riverdale Press)
  • Michigan’s district for struggling schools is funded mainly with private money. (Detroit Free Press)
  • The Times says proposed revisions to the federal education law let states too far off the hook.