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Rise & Shine: Occupy Wall Street now a field trip destination

  • Some public school teachers are bringing students to Occupy Wall Street for civics lessons. (NY1)
  • The UFT says an inchoate teacher evaluation system is being abused. (GothamSchools, Post)
  • New York State has pledged to launch testing for kindergarten students. (GothamSchools, WSJPost)
  • Children in Harlem and Washington Heights rallied to support after-school education. (NY1)
  • The co-principals of Community Roots Charter School say they scrimp to afford collaboration. (Times)
  • Fred Smith: Big gains on the city’s state test scores this year show more scrutiny is needed. (Post)
  • The Wall Street Journal notes a new study that finds charter schools help black students.
  • The next stop for the Harkin-Enzi ESEA reauthorization bill: the full Senate. (Washington Post)
  • A formula error has about 3,400 retired Chicago teachers are getting too-high pensions. (Times)