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Remainders: The (welcome) occupation of 52 Broadway

  • The UFT headquarters has become a home away from home for Occupy Wall Street. (Edwize)
  • Pre-K registration for this school year ends in just eight days. Sign up! (Let’s Talk Schools)
  • The Grassroots Education Movement met tonight to plot how to organize ATR’s. (EdNotes)
  • How to use cognitive behavioral therapy to cure the malady of “teacher anxiety.” (Ed School)
  • A school board member could face consequences for something he wrote on Facebook. (LA Now)
  • An aide to Ed Towns said that the abortion rate in Bed Stuy “needs to be high.” (PolitickerBrooklyn Ink)
  • Parents for Occupy Wall Street are holding a “Family Sleepover” this weekend. (Gotham Gazette)