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Rise & Shine: Regents set to approve anti-cheating measures

  • The state is asking for $2 million to enact stronger anti-cheating measures. (TimesDaily NewsWSJ)
  • The state has substantiated just 40-50 cases of test cheating in each of the last two years. (AP)
  • The Post says cheating and grade inflation have thrown the city’s school improvement claims in doubt.
  • The Regents are also set to support lobbying Congress to aid students who immigrated illegally. (Times)
  • Michael Winerip: Bob Cohen, a DOE network leader, helps principals troubleshoot challenges. (Times)
  • Some say Dennis Walcott should have done more in his first six months as chancellor. (Daily News)
  • Parents and others at PS 84 on the Upper West Side say the school shouldn’t have gotten an F. (Times)
  • Investigators: The principal of the Institute for Collaborative Education lets students to live with him. (Post)
  • Brooklyn children performed a musical of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” at Zuccotti Park. (Daily News)
  • A Muslim family is suing on discrimination grounds after their son was held back at PS 180. (Post)
  • The chef at the Fatty Crab restaurants teaches cooking to children at PS 3, which his son attends. (WSJ)
  • The Post says City Council members shouldn’t complain about layoffs because they agreed to them.
  • Volunteers spruced up city schools during the annual New York Cares volunteer day. (NY1)
  • The Times says New Orleans schools are flourishing because of new ideas and instruction methods.
  • The first female chess grandmaster is promoting the game for young children, especially girls. (Times)
  • An appeals court blocked pieces of the immigration law that has Alabama students staying home. (Times)