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Rise & Shine: First Young Men’s Initiative rollout targets literacy

  • The first program of the city’s Young Men’s Initiative focuses on literacy for low-level readers. (NY1)
  • To boost diversity at the city’s specialized high schools, alumni are tutoring prospective students. (Times)
  • Teachers at a school for new immigrants let students guide their own learning. (GothamSchools)
  • The City Council held a tense hearing on school aide layoffs. (GSTimesDaily NewsPostWSJNY1)
  • The city briefly put numbers up online that showed school budgets quadrupling this year. (Daily News)
  • In honor of National Coming Out Day, advocates asked the DOE to add LGBT history to schools. (NY1)
  • Outside of New York City, about 3 percent of teachers in the state were laid off last year. (AP)
  • For the first time since 2002, a bill to overhaul federal education law reached Congress. (Times)
  • After a civil rights probe, Los Angeles is changing how some students are taught. (L.A. TimesWSJ)