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Where Our Community Went in 2010 And Where It’s Going

2010 was a banner year for the GothamSchools Community section, which boasted more than 220 posts from dozens of parents, teachers, students, principals, and policy wonks.

Here’s what last year’s contributors added to GothamSchools, and what you can add, too — let us know if you’re interested in elevating the dialogue about education by writing for the Community section.

Community contributors provided regular views into everyday life at city schools:

They offered unorthodox takes on current events:

  • Aaron Pallas recast David Steiner’s approach to Cathie Black’s waiver as “jury nullification.”
  • Eighth-grader Sarah Deceus shared her distress about the court-induced delay in high school admissions.
  • Robin Aufses described the mixed results of her private school’s merit pay experiment.
  • We heard from Larissa Patel, still shut out of teaching a year and a half into the city’s hiring freeze.
  • Jessica Siegel filed a report from a convention of marginalized-but-still-kicking progressive educators.
  • Veteran educators Marc Waxman and Stacey Gauthier are exchanging letters about big policy issues.

They dug deep into data:

And they called for change:

We look forward to more pieces from each of these writers, but we’re also looking for fresh voices to add to the section. If you or your students have an informed perspective you’d like to share, please be in touch! And as an added bonus, we let you write your own pieces, unlike some publications . . .

About our First Person series:

First Person is where Chalkbeat features personal essays by educators, students, parents, and others trying to improve public education. Read our submission guidelines here.

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