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Remainders: Klein to make more than eight times his DOE salary

  • Former Chancellor Joel Klein stands to make more than $4.5 million this year at News Corp. (Reuters)
  • Take a tour of the sleek Hearst office tower Cathie Black left for Tweed Courthouse. (Business Insider)
  • Black’s focus on Mandarin instruction is “starting to look like an obsession.” (City Room)
  • NYC has purchased more than 2,000 iPads for its public schools, spending $1.3 million. (NYT)
  • Deborah Ball says the fight over teacher quality isn’t innovative, but it might be destructive. (HuffPo)
  • There’s little recourse for parents upset by the all-work-and-no-play style of kindergarten. (Insideschools)
  • The average NYSUT employee makes much more than the average New York school teacher. (Nyfera)
  • Meet three more of the colorful characters in Ruben Brosbe’s classroom. (Bronx Teach)
  • Wayne Barrett, a critic of Bloomberg’s school policies, is leaving the Village Voice. (Runnin Scared)
  • A new version of “Huckleberry Finn” will omit words that have gotten the book banned. (The Two-Way)