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Black hasn’t been to “every kind” of school, but she plans to

Department of Education officials cleared up confusion today over whether new Chancellor Cathie Black has visited any of the city’s lowest-rated schools: she hasn’t. But she intends to, they said.

During her five-borough tour of some of the city’s successful schools yesterday, reporters asked Black to talk about her visits to any of the city’s D or F-rated schools, assuming she’d seen them. Black responded:

I’ve been to every kind of school. I will continue that, I don’t have any desire to only visit one kind of school or another.

As of today, it appears that Black misspoke. DOE spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz said that while Black has not visited any D or F schools, she has scheduled visits to them. Ravitz would not say which struggling schools Black will visit or when.

The city announced plans last month to begin closing 26 public schools next year based on their low progress report grades and the graduation rates and test scores that form the bulk of what determines those grades. The citywide school board, called the Panel for Educational Policy, will vote on the school closures next month and meetings at some of the schools to explain their likely closure to parents will begin this week. If Black attends any of these meetings, it may be her first time in a struggling school.