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Remainders: Bloomberg: 15,000 teacher layoffs possible

  • If the state cuts the city’s ed budget by $1 billion, 15,000 teachers would be laid off. (Reuters)
  • Here are New York’s new state teaching standards, newly Regents-approved. (NYSED, PDF)
  • A woman who lied to get her children into better schools deemed new Rosa Parks. (NPR)
  • The UFT mapped the locations of schools slated for closure and charter schools. (Edwize)
  • There’s reason to be concerned about the Promise Neighborhoods project. (Paul Tough)
  • Ohio’s state teacher pension board is recommending big benefit cuts. (Dayton Daily News)
  • A prominent ed researcher says he is skeptical of much of ed research. (Larry Cuban)
  • Joel Klein’s new nonprofit has a mailer urging support for closing schools. (Daily Politics)
  • Another argument that the U.S. should mimic Finland, in a slightly unusual place. (TNR)
  • Finland’s success story doesn’t support either side in US’s ed wars. (Quick and the Ed)