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Remainders: Education a centerpiece of SOTU

  • “Become a teacher,” President Obama says in SOTU address. (Edweek)
  • 70 groups have submitted letters of intent to open charter schools in NYC next year. (Centerpoint)
  • TFA founder Wendy Kopp doesn’t want teachers’ value-added scores released to the press. (Daily Beast)
  • Critics of edu doc Waiting for Superman are thrilled it didn’t make the Oscars cut. (NYC Parents)
  • Most students didn’t meet the proficiency bar on a nationwide science test. (NY Times)
  • Rahm Emanuel: The choice between an educator and a manager is a false one. (Fox Chicago)
  • With the Office of School Food taking a budget cut, non-profits are stepping up. (GS Community)
  • The Bloomberg administration is pushing hard against last-in first-out in the press. (City Room)
  • An NYC transplant in Beirut describes her school during “The Day of Anger.” (Present Perfect)
  • The US DOE unveiled an education dashboard that shows the latest edu data. (Eduflack)
  • Wyoming lawmakers want to monitor teachers with videos in their classrooms. (Flypaper)