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Remainders: What Atlantic Yards can learn from school wars

  • Atlantic Yards: Just like educational accountability, more complex than meets the eye. (The Local)
  • Education will be big in the State of the Union, but exactly what will Obama say? (Politics K12)
  • Why Race to the Top 2.0 might not be at the top of the agenda, given finances. (Politics K12)
  • A 23-year-0ld second-year teacher says he doesn’t want to see “last in, first out” go — yet. (BNiche)
  • A report forecasts how online learning will “blend” with in-person, not replace it. (Quick and the Ed)
  • Eva Moskowitz’s Upper West Side school reflects a trend: charter schools for the middle class. (Flypaper)
  • Focusing on individual teachers’ rankings distracts from big education policy issues. (New Republic)
  • Teaching in a new school means shedding old practices and adopting new ones. (Miss Brave)
  • Why do Chicago’s residency rules exist for anyone, Rahm Emanuel included? (Educated Reporter)
  • Two members of P.S. 22’s world-famous chorus improvised with their teacher. (P.S. 22)
  • Weighing the value of January Regents: gives some a holiday, others an opportunity. (Edwize)
  • Videotape from Hu Jintao’s visit to Chicago and an explanation of the city choice. (TWIE)