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Rise & Shine: Cathie Black launches assault on ‘last in, first out’

  • Appearing on “Inside City Hall,” Cathie Black said she also favors ending “last in, first out” rules. (NY1)
  • Black explains her opposition to “last in, first out” by appealing to the mind and the heart. (Post)
  • The Post says eliminating seniority retention rights is a sensible solution to the state’s budget crunch.
  • The DOE’s data systems don’t always red flag improprieties and might even encourage them. (Times)
  • Few schools earned bonuses last year, and the bonus program could be suspended. (GSDNPost)
  • Michael Mulgrew says PS 114’s case is a clear example of the city putting charter schools first. (NY1)
  • Both teachers fired after being caught canoodling in a classroom are suing the city. (Daily News, Post)
  • A student at MS 246 was arrested after her teacher said she stabbed him with a comb. (Daily News)
  • A former IS 120 teacher is selling baseball memorabilia to pay a student’s college tuition. (Daily News)
  • A Brooklyn mom says bad schools should be replaced with better ones, even charters. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • The founder of a nonviolence nonprofit says closing schools ignores the real issues. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Parents at MS 571 in Brooklyn are fighting closure and the arrival of a charter school. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • One of Chicago’s mayoral candidates wants the city to seek corporate sponsors for schools. (Times)
  • In San Francisco, just 2 percent of teachers were rated unsatisfactory last year. (Times)
  • Nationwide, charter schools are flourishing as traditional public schools struggle financially. (AP)