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Remainders: Ross Global charter comes closer to closure

  • Ross Global charter is closer to closure after David Steiner declined to approve an appeal. (CityRoom)
  • An AFT-commissioned report urges making it easier to dismiss teachers accused of crimes. (Ed Week)
  • If most science is learned outside of school, why teach it in the classroom at all? (Ed Week)
  • The intervention for a student targeted as needing help, and fast? Transfer. (Pissed Off Teacher)
  • Joel Klein describes his Newscorp goals as moving to a “customer-focused” school system. (
  • To get students’ attention, advice to focus less on management and more on teaching. (Miss Brave)
  • “Mr. Brosbe loves wrong answers!” his students often exclaim. But some students still worry. (Community)
  • This is just a reminder that the Department of Education as a position in charge of pre-K. (SimplyHired)
  • A newspaper’s editorial board urges charter schools and the district to “come together.” (Inquirer)
  • The usefulness of encouraging students to asses their teachers. (Joanne Jacobs)