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Remainders: Mothers group wants to make it harder to graduate

  • A group of moms wants to do something about too-freely-awarded credits. (Young Mothers’ Ed Policy)
  • Miss Eyre explains why she won’t be joining Educators 4 Excellence. (NYC Educator)
  • A reward is available to anyone who can pinpoint who named No Child Left Behind. (Flypaper)
  • Aaron Pallas: Judge Kern’s rationale for releasing teachers’ ratings is all wrong. (GS Community)
  • A Texas dad turned to homeschooling after his son was expelled from a charter school. (GQ)
  • Steven Colbert has coined a new term to describe rising segregation: “disintegration.” (Colbert Report)
  • A city teacher is giving his students better books in the hopes that they’ll care to read them. (Mr Foteah)
  • High school final exams can be tough, and mom Liz Willen wants to help. (Insideschools)
  • Most states are running out of education stimulus funds, but New York still has 41 percent. (Politics K-12)
  • Andy Rotherham says there’s no reason for distress about Shanghai’s high PISA scores. (Time Mag)
  • A guide for journalists just starting out on the schools beat. (The Educated Reporter)
  • The city might invest in a new service to prevent school computers from becoming obsolete. (Observer)