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Remainders: On MLK Day, ideas for teaching and creating equity

  • Schools are more segregated now than they were when Martin Luther King died. (Dana Goldstein)
  • Spending MLK Day in service is like reforming schools without addressing equity issues. (Sara Mead)
  • Maybe students should learn less about King and more about everyday heroes. (Rick Hess Straight Up)
  • Or maybe the best way to honor King’s legacy is to spend the day in class. (Starting an Ed School)
  • Leonie Haimson: Class size and segregation rise and fall in tandem. (NYC Public School Parents)
  • Alexander Russo lays out a case against reauthorizing NCLB now. (This Week in Education)
  • Sergio Hernandez digs up reporters’ emails during the early days of Cathie Black. (Village Voice)
  • The DOE is okay with prudent teacher-bloggers, which is good since they have a lot to say. (City Room)
  • Black’s demeanor today shows she may be a more reserved chancellor than Klein. (Gotham Gazette)
  • Just three schools sent all of this year’s Intel Science Search finalists. (NYC Public School Parents)
  • When students directed a play, both turmoil and learning ensued, Kate Quarfordt writes. (GS Community)
  • Yes, heart surgeons get fired if they’re bad, but not if a few patients die — that’s expected. (Deven Black)
  • A study by a founder of the Research Alliance finds students don’t learn much in college. (AtlanticWire)
  • Miss Brave is having a really hard year, and it’s not her students’ fault. (Miss Brave Teaches NYC)
  • There are many ways for parents to get involved, even if not many do. (Insideschools)
  • Teachers and alums are trying to preserve archives about Bronx high schools as they close. (Edwize)
  • A polemic against two spaces after a period (a convention that’s just ugly). (Slate)