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Remainders: Black regrets birth control wisecrack, city says

  • A DOE spokeswoman says Cathie Black regrets her “off-handed joke” about birth control. (WSJ)
  • A teacher predicts that any more foot-in-mouth moments may cost Black her job. (Accountable Talk)
  • Mayor Bloomberg also apologized that Black postponed a school visit on the non-snow day. (DN)
  • Peter Murphy disputes Juan Gonzalez’ take on the charter school funding freeze lift. (Chalkboard)
  • Tennessee tea partiers are demanding that schools limit teaching about “minority experience.” (TPM)
  • Arne Duncan will visit Minnesota next week, home of the new House ed committee chair. (EdWeek)
  • Liam Julian: reform types can seem as rhetorically hollow as teachers unions. (Flypaper)
  • Mike Petrilli: it’s only a matter of time before video cameras are used to monitor teachers. (Edu Gadfly)
  • Andy Rotherham: cameras are best used not for accountability, but to improve teachers. (Eduwonk)
  • The NY Public Library wants kids to adapt Newbery Award-winning books into 90-second videos. (io9)
  • And here’s “A Wrinkle in Time” in a minute and a half. (Vimeo)