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Rise & Shine: Internal document shows plans to replace schools

  • An internal document shows city plans to site new schools in the buildings of closing schools. (Times)
  • Hundreds of DOE administrators took home millions in bonuses based on test score increases. (Post)
  • Tonja Weary, the master teacher at Chelsea HS, is worn out from helping 42 colleagues. (WNYC)
  • The teachers union formally appealed a ruling that teachers rankings can be released. (GS, DN)
  • Brooklyn’s P.S. 189 is adapting to help an influx of refugees from the Haitian earthquake. (NY1)
  • On the day Cathie Black opted to keep schools open, she postponed a planned school visit. (Daily News)
  • Black told a Manhattan overcrowding committee the city faces “many Sophie’s choices.” (Tribeca Trib)
  • A Prospect Heights elementary school is fighting a proposal to put a charter in the building. (Daily News)
  • The city must shift $32 mill. to charter schools after Albany unexpectedly lifted a funding freeze. (DN)
  • The USDA may overhaul school lunch nutritional requirements for the first time in 15 years. (NY1)