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Remainders: A pro outlines media relations tips for teachers

  • An experienced teacher offers media relations tips for educators. (Rick Hess Straight Up)
  • A Park Slope rabbi says about the John Jay HS situation: “We can do better.” (Andy Bachman)
  • Today might not technically have been a snow day, but it sort of was, Dana Lawit writes. (GS Community)
  • The head of the Hechinger Report, Richard Colvin, is becoming the director of Ed Sector. (Russo)
  • Small foundations are having a hard time finding a niche in post-Zuckerberg Newark. (NJ Spotlight)
  • Ruben Brosbe: I know I’ve matured as a teacher by the way I handle puking students. (GS Community)
  • Lisa Nielsen: Non-educators who run school systems shouldn’t have educators’ titles. (HuffPo)
  • Mayor Bloomberg’s civil service reform proposal includes ending “last in, first out.” (Daily Politics)
  • A Queens student’s strategy to save up for college has made him enemies at Apple. (Daily Transom)
  • All signs point to movement soon on reauthorizing the law known as No Child Left Behind. (Politics K-12)
  • A student at the Bronx’s New Explorers High School was killed in a fight earlier this week. (WSJ)
  • To fight anti-Semitism, Orthodox Jewish leaders are reaching out to Williamsburg schools. (Daily News)
  • Along with her new group, Michelle Rhee appears to be cultivating a more feminine image. (Russo)