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Remainders: Rhee’s platform calls for vouchers, ending tenure

  • Michelle Rhee’s policy platform calls for vouchers, rating principals and ending teacher tenure. (WSJ)
  • The UFT may take a cue from other protests and stage “flash mobs” against school closings. (Ed Notes)
  • An uneven playing field among teachers can complicate teacher ratings. (Pissed Off Teacher)
  • Little is yet known about Cathie Black’s views, but her fake Twitter account is going strong. (Gothamist)
  • Kindergarten admissions season is starting amid renewed concerns about crowding. (InsideSchools)
  • A new study calls for a better way to identify English language learners. (Inside School Research)
  • Texas police officers have begun ticketing students as a disciplinary measure. (Yahoo)
  • A non-profit is teaching beatboxing and breakdancing to Bronx public school students. (GOOD)
  • A parent reflects on the importance of art on the walls of Brooklyn’s P.S. 11. (The Local)
  • Part of its ongoing series of profiles, the UFT shines a spotlight on P.S. 107 in Queens. (EdWize)