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A Gift Horse Whose Face(book) Deserves Scrutiny: Will Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 Million Gift Improve Education in Newark?

In the last four months, public education in Newark has received national attention. First, Facebook CEO’s $100 million gift to improve public education and the Mayor’s commitment to raise matching funds, has put Newark in the spotlight. Second, Governor Christie’s delegation of state control to the Mayor, although not within his authority, has given the Mayor significant power to shape the reform agenda. Based on an analysis of sociological research on urban educational reform, this presentation will discuss a number of strategies that Newark might consider as it invests these funds in seeking to “transform public education in Newark” and the limits and possibilities of these approaches.

**Dr. Sadovnik is an Education and Sociology professor at Rutgers University and was recently named Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor at Rutgers University! This event is university wide and open to the public. Light beverages & snacks provided. Send event questions to langeducationstudies@newschool.edu