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Rise & Shine: No teachers contract mediation in last 6 months

News from New York City:

  • Some are saying that contract negotiations are stalled because the UFT wants 8 percent raises. (Post)
  • The UFT is the largest group among 222 nationwide to receive a health care costs waiver. (Post)
  • Harlem Day Charter School’s existence depends on being taken over by Democracy Prep. (WSJ)
  • The number of kindergartners in oversized classes is up 40 percent over last year. (Daily News)
  • Some want Staten Island’s PS 36 closed after it was found to have high PCB levels. (Daily NewsNY1)
  • The city says it will close two classrooms with leaking light fixtures but parents remain worried. (NY1)
  • A DOE-employed occupational therapist was fired for directing families to her own companies. (Post)
  • Grover Cleveland HS’s Alexandra Morman takes AP classes and sits on a citywide student council. (NY1)

And beyond:

  • Arizona officials are seeking an end to Latino classes but not other ethnic studies classes. (Times)
  • New Gov. Jerry Brown removed charter school advocates from California’s school board. (L.A. Times)
  • Michelle Rhee will announce the policy agenda for her new organization, Students First, today. (AP)
  • A journal that showcases research papers by high school students faces an uncertain future. (Times)
  • The College Board is changing Advanced Placement courses to focus more on big concepts. (Times)
  • Joel Klein argues that teacher pensions discourage some teachers by delaying payoff. (WSJ)
  • A mother says “Chinese parents” are better because they don’t worry about children’s self-esteem. (WSJ)