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Remainders: When a teacher’s child gets a weak teacher

  • Visiting his daughter’s classroom, a father who’s also a teacher feels frustrated. (Weblogged)
  • Advice from 1954 about how to make a classroom un-dismal and “pleasanter.” (ACSD)
  • Those Philadelphia turnstiles were approved in an un-public — and common — process. (Notebook)
  • The Marist poll that found low support for Bloomberg on ed found lots for charters. (HuffPost)
  • Jay Mathews asks Obama not to interrupt school time with his education address. (Class Struggle)
  • Does Michelle Rhee’s campaigning for Mayor Fenty violate the Hatch Act? (Learning Matters)
  • Noguera: “ideology and favoritism,” not research, set Obama’s education agenda. (The Nation)
  • A nationally broadcast story about Mayor Bloomberg’s stumbling with the schools. (NPR)
  • Joe Williams tells D.C. to elect Adrian Fenty for the sake of the city’s schools. (HuffPost)