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Rise & Shine: More pressure, less money on first day of school

  • City schools are starting classes today with higher expectations but not more funding. (Daily News)
  • With a new school year comes a new round of fighting over how to fix failing schools. (NY1)
  • This year’s strange first-week-of-school schedule hasn’t been an issue in recent memory. (Times)
  • Most parents who don’t like the strange schedule are still sending their kids to school today. (Daily News)
  • To avoid a schedule like New York’s, Los Angeles isn’t starting school until Monday. (L.A. Times)
  • A judge failed to rule on Staten Island middle school bus service, leaving some students stranded. (NY1)
  • This week is not just the start of public school but the opening of private school applications. (Times)
  • Higher standards on state tests could put more students at risk of being left back. (Daily News)
  • Fred Smith says problems with state tests go far deeper than inflated scores. (New York Post)
  • The Daily News says improving state tests should include a look at how they treat Christianity.
  • City schools won’t be offering flu vaccines this year. (Daily News)
  • The principal of Brooklyn School of Inquiry has an unorthodox past and parent support. (Daily News)
  • Leon Goldstein High School is counteracting budget cuts by selling homegrown software. (Daily News)
  • Advocates are continuing to push for more transparency and discretion in student discipline. (WSJ)
  • A Brooklyn pizzeria is offering free slices to students with good grades. (Daily News)