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Rise & Shine: Still no contract for city and teachers union

  • The city and its teachers union still can’t agree on a new contract after a year of talks. (NY1)
  • Some parents and teachers support Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed new tenure policy. (NY1)
  • New Jersey’s governor also wants to change tenure rules in that state. (Times)
  • Chancellor Klein defends Bloomberg’s proposed tenure rules. (Post)
  • Bloomberg gave four stars to “Waiting for ‘Superman.'” (Post)
  • School construction is keeping the city’s construction industry afloat right now. (WSJ)
  • The principal of PS 90 on Coney Island was reprimanded the way she spoke to teachers. (Daily News)
  • The teacher in hot water for blogging about her sex-for-hire past got tenure while blogging. (Post)
  • The Post says she’s an example of why the city needs tenure reform.