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Remainders: A high school science teacher named a “genius”

  • A high school science teacher is among the MacArthur genius award winners. (Curriculum Matters)
  • In LA, Diane Ravitch gets big cheers with her criticism of Duncan, Oprah, Gates. (YouTube)
  • On Brian Lehrer, Mulgrew calls the mayor’s announcement on NBC a “publicity stunt.” (WNYC)
  • How can Mark Zuckerberg give away $100 million when Facebook isn’t public yet? (NYT)
  • Arguing that “Superman”s suggested solutions are “unimaginative and rather derivative.” (Startl)
  • One story that got cut from “Superman”: the drafting of the Green Dot-UFT contract. (HuffPost)
  • NJ Gov Christie’s ed reforms: make firing teachers easier, reform tenure. (Bloomberg)
  • The IBM high school could mean a new grade 14 and 16 get added to the list. (CityRoom)
  • Shelly Silver lends his support to expanding Millennium High School downtown. (DNA Info)
  • A WSJ columnist calls out Obama for not taking a side in the D.C. mayor’s race. (WSJ via Russo)
  • Matt Lauer weirdly described a preschool as providing “tough love,” but did it? (Early Ed)
  • And we are launching a jobs board! The first 40 jobs posted will be free. (GothamSchools)