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Remainders: Important New Yorkers according to Murdoch

  • Rupert Murdoch thinks the most important living New Yorker is Chancellor Joel Klein. (NY Mag)
  • Jezebel says a former P.S. 70 teacher is being unjustly punished for her past. (Jezebel)
  • A San Francisco investor wants to pay 20 kids $100,000 to drop out of school. (TechCrunch)
  • USDOE uses its “Waiting for Superman” moment to launch a teacher recruitment campaign. (Teach.gov)
  • On MSNBC, Obama announced plans to train 10,000 math and science teachers. (Politics K12)
  • Obama also said that D.C.’s public schools couldn’t help his daughters as well as private ones. (Politico)
  • Teachers are often told not to smile until after Christmas. Why? (GothamSchools Community)
  • How teachers think teachers should be evaluated — and how they actually are. (Good)
  • A happy student at Stanford’s school of education reports he loves every class. (Dan Meyer)