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Remainders: Klein says he’s waiting for the unions to change

  • Chancellor Klein says “Superman” isn’t anti-teacher or blindly pro-charter. (HuffPo)
  • A report calls on the DOE to consider homeless children before closing schools. (Gotham Gazette)
  • Merryl Tisch: NYC’s promotion policy is tough but will be good for kids in the long run. (NBC)
  • Jose Antonio Vargas calls the timing of Zuckerberg’s Newark gift “curious.” (New Yorker)
  • On Oprah today, Zuckerberg said he’s looking for education leaders to invest in. (WSJ)
  • Forty percent of California schools don’t offer kids free drinking water in the cafeteria. (NPR)
  • Two algebra classes, two class sizes, and it makes all the difference. (Pissed Off Teacher)
  • And Chicago parents are staging a sit-in to keep a school from being demolished. (WBEZ)