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Remainders: New after-school rules hard on sports teams

  • A new budget policy is forcing schools to toss sports teams off their fields after 6 p.m. (Post)
  • WNYC education reporter Beth Fertig gives her review of “Waiting for Superman.” (WNYC)
  • The movie rails against teachers unions just as they’re beginning to change. (Nation)
  • A group of teachers, union activists, parents is promoting its alternative to “Superman.” (Trailer)
  • Asked about his future, a student tells his teacher: “I’ll just live with my mom.” (NYC Educator)
  • Mike Petrilli says the GOP doesn’t know where it stands on education anymore. (Gadfly)
  • The GOP’s to-do list includes cutting spending and no education policy ideas. (EdWeek)
  • Michelle Rhee and Vincent Gray met today and their body language said it all. (WaPo)
  • A Delaware education prof is hosting an “Ultimate Block Party,” in Central Park. (UDel)