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Rise & Shine: Bloomberg orders 2.7% budget cut for schools

  • Mayor Bloomberg announced a 2.7 percent budget cut for city schools. (Bloomberg, WSJ)
  • Some former rubber room occupants say they aren’t happy with their new duties. (Post, Daily News, WNYC)
  • Many schools saw budget increases last year; most saw their budgets go down. (Post)
  • The state allowed the city to raise class sizes while still funding class size reduction. (Daily News)
  • Two city groups got federal grants to help children in their neighborhoods. (NY1, GothamSchools, Times)
  • The only area of expansion in the city’s private school scene is among for-profit schools. (Times)
  • A top D.C. schools official resigned suddenly last week. (Washington Post)
  • A new study says teacher merit pay didn’t cause higher test scores. (Washington Post)
  • Al Sharpton is launching a new education-focused television show next month. (AP)