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Remainders: On claiming to have “cracked the code”

  • A “hubris alert” is issued against Davis Guggenheim’s claim that “we’ve cracked the code.” (Flypaper)
  • Should Merryl Tisch’s brother-in-law’s company be allowed to help open a charter school? (City Limits)
  • Bloomberg issued a hiring freeze today; the DOE is least spared, but still has to cut spending 2.7%. (NY1)
  • Study: teacher merit pay didn’t work in Tennessee. (WashPost, LM, Hechinger, Educated Reporter)
  • Every single employee at the state’s home-schooling support office has retired. (CityRoom)
  • A student said it took him more time to commute to school than he spent in school. (Pissed Off)
  • The full list of Promise Neighborhood grant winners goes from sea to shining sea. (Early Ed, GS)
  • The “leadership trap” at no-excuses charter schools: too much reinventing the wheel. (Goldstein)
  • Only 23% of teachers come from the top third of college graduates, a McKinsey report says. (Flypaper)
  • One Manhattan private school is a for-profit, unlike the Dalton/Chapin contingent. (New York Times)