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The goals the DOE met this year, and the ones it didn’t

The annual mayor’s management report on the city schools, out today, offers some old data points but also some new ones. Among them is a look at the Department of Education’s goals for the coming school year — and its explanations for why it didn’t meet some of last year’s goals.

In some cases, the city’s targets actually undershoot where it is already. For example, one of the DOE’s goals for the year is to have 72 percent of students attend school 90 percent of the time. Last year, just over 74 percent of city students met that bar.

But in other cases, the city’s goals are more of a reach. The city wants to see a jump of between 3 and 4 percentage points in the number of graduating seniors passing their math and American history high school Regent’s exams with a score of 55 or higher, for example.

And in cases where the city didn’t make progress, the report offers an unsurprisingly rosy view of why the DOE fell behind.

The backlog of hazardous building violations increased by 25 percent, for example, but the report says the city expected that increase, caused by a rise in fire-door and exit obstructions, to be merely temporary.

The city’s full management report for the Department of Education is below, and more information about the reports in general can be found here.