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Rise & Shine: A floor for sure-to-fall progress report scores

  • The city is limiting how far schools’ progress report grades can fall this year. (Daily News)
  • The city’s new Innovation Zone is being unsettled by a wave of changes. (Gotham Gazette)
  • Classes at Quest to Learn, the city’s video game school, don’t always look like learning. (Times)
  • A Queens charter school had its application rejected by the state after applying to the city. (Daily News)
  • Nearly 200 students spent the first days of school at Bryant High School doing nothing. (Post)
  • New poverty guidelines mean that Stuyvesant HS will receive federal aid for the first time. (Post)
  • Unusually, federal immigration authorities have subpoenaed a city student’s school records. (Times)
  • The city’s longest-running rubber room occupant is still waiting for his work assignment. (Post)
  • One of Newark’s top teachers was among those laid off due to budget cuts. (WSJ)
  • Details in “Waiting for ‘Superman'” are out of date, but its director says the point remains. (Times)
  • The Post says the teachers union complains about class size only to boost itself.
  • The Times says federal suspension data show that schools are abusing zero tolerance.
  • Chancellor Klein says school reform is needed for international competitiveness. (Delaware Online)
  • Ed Sec Arne Duncan says virtual teachers won’t replace in-the-flesh ones. (Times)
  • A psychologist says it’s possible to make tests that reward deep thinking. (Times)