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Remainders: Two consortia win grants to build new tests

  • Two of the three consortia competing for Race to the Top test grants won. (Edweek)
  • The two groups won a combined $330 million to revamp states’ K-12 tests. (WaPo)
  • Wendy Kopp reflects on Teach for America’s 20th anniversary. (WSJ)
  • Debunking some claims on the virtues of small schools using statistics. (The Atlantic)
  • D.C. banned chocolate milk in schools, NYC should do the same say parents. (GS)
  • Seattle got a new teachers contract that ties test scores to teacher evaluation. (Seattle Times)
  • Mike Petrilli argues against obsessing over the achievement gap. (Flypaper)
  • D.C. high school students put their schools questions to Arne Duncan. (NPR)
  • Should other states adopt Texas’ top 10 percent rule for college? (GOOD)
  • And a made-up study finds that tests are biased against students who don’t care. (Onion)