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Remainders: Role-reversing parents to city: Shut our school

  • In a twist, parents at PS 42 in the Rockaways urge the city to shut their school down. (Daily News)
  • A fight with a principal led a Haitian immigrant mom in Queens to faint, have a panic attack. (NY1)
  • An East Harlem charter school with no Jewish students held classes on Rosh Hashanah. (DNAInfo)
  • Fifty people braved the tornado to discuss the city’s plans for overhauling special ed. (Insideschools)
  • The family of Nicole Suriel, who drowned on a school trip, will sue the city for $20M. (Daily News)
  • Rhee says her reform efforts lost Fenty his election. Her regret? Poor P.R. work. (Ed Week)
  • Handicapping the likely options, Bill Turque concludes Rhee will probably leave. (Washington Post)
  • A report that Rhee’s staff members are already getting poached by “talent hawks.” (Rick Hess)
  • Educating women improves a country’s child mortality more than economic growth. (Ed Week)
  • An argument that the current education debate suffers from a “teacher quarantine.” (Tween Teacher)
  • The Gates Foundation should invest in evening the education PhD gap. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • The NYT Mag’s education issue looks at educational technology, and I look at cell phones. (NYT)