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Queens’ John Bowne High School closed due to storm damage

Add a school day to the list of casualties wrought by the powerful storm that swept through parts of Brooklyn and Queens last night.

John Bowne High School in Flushing is too severely damaged to open today, the city announced in the middle of the night. Its 3,100 students will return to classes on Monday, according to an alert posted on the school’s website.

Previously, Mayor Bloomberg had said he thought all schools would open normally today. “There have been reports of damage to school buildings,” he said around 9:30 p.m. while surveying damage at Terrace on the Park, a catering hall about a mile from John Bowne. “We do expect all schools to be open tomorrow, but we’ll just — as the night goes on, we’ll make sure that everything is safe.”

Was your school damaged? Tell us about how the storm affected your school day.

Here’s the city’s 3 a.m. email announcing John Bowne’s closure:

John Bowne High School Closed on Friday All New York City public schools will be open on Friday, September 17, with the exception of John Bowne High School (Q425) in Queens, which suffered storm damage requiring repair. While other schools in the path of the storm have downed trees, power issues, and minor damage, we are working through the night along with other City agencies and utilities to address the problems and ensure schools are safe for students.