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Remainders: Don’t forget to fill out our survey by tomorrow

  • Our survey will close tomorrow; fill it out and get a chance to win $100. (GS)
  • A Goldman Sachs fund is giving Harlem Children’s Zone $20 million. (CityRoom)
  • From the new Freakonomics movie: Paying kids for better grades. (YouTube)
  • A new way to donate to schools reverses traditional donor relations. (Good)
  • An educator argues that special education inclusion has “backfired.” (Hechinger)
  • The AFT spent roughly $1 million to help unseat D.C. Mayor Fenty. (Politico)
  • Rhee’s next steps: go on her honeymoon, then meet with the new mayor. (Newsweek)
  • Community colleges across the country struggle to meet student demand. (Hechinger)
  • The NYT Mag dives deep inside Quest to Learn, the city’s video game school. (NYT)
  • Arne Duncan’s old boss is not too fond of Duncan’s Race to the Top. (Sun-Times)