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Remainders: Al Sharpton’s new TV show, waiting on D.C.

  • Al Sharpton is launching a new TV show, 30 minutes of which will be about education. (Politico)
  • D.C. Mayor Fenty’s opponent, Vincent Gray, said he’ll “see” if he’ll keep Michelle Rhee. (WashPost)
  • President Obama’s getting some flak for not supporting Fenty in today’s race. (Flypaper)
  • As Eva Moskowitz’s Success chain moves to the Bronx, the space wars follow her. (Daily News)
  • To do “turnarounds” right, school districts need to build dedicated offices for the work. (Ed Week)
  • Some of the findings from OECD’s 2010 roundup of of ed stats around the world. (Quick and the Ed)
  • Study partly funded by charter advocates scrutinizes the schools’ high teacher turnover. (CRPE)
  • The most ridiculous pitches by companies trying to get into back-to-school coverage. (CityRoom)
  • A master math teacher is talking to people who use math in their jobs, like road engineers. (Dan Meyer)
  • The Gates Foundation is spending $8M to keep a city road around its office uninterrupted. (AP)
  • Andrew Cuomo is happy to go after the state teachers union, but not SEIU 199. (Capital New York)
  • And the winner of New York Cares’ mural contest will get to paint in a public school. (NY Cares)