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Remainders: Could a Fenty loss prevent D.C. teacher bonuses?

  • The precise kinds of bonuses being offered to D.C. teachers just came out. (Teacher Beat)
  • But whether the bonuses are handed out at all could be contingent on Fenty’s reelection. (Teacher Beat)
  • Meanwhile, a laid-off teacher’s value-add allegedly includes fathering a student’s child. (WashPost)
  • L.A., whose schools are led by two NYC expats, has a new teacher eval proposal. (LA Daily News)
  • A teacher at William Maxwell HS credits Bloomberg with ruining his school. (NYCPSPB)
  • Ruben Brosbe finds there’s a teacher equivalent of summer-backsliding. (GS Community)
  • Poll: Majority of Americans favor teacher evaluations that use student test scores. (Time)
  • Will newly lame-duck Chicago Mayor Daley’s next step be education philanthropy? (Sun-Times)
  • Is the racial isolation of Albany’s charter schools a problem? (Joanne Jacobs)
  • Economist James Heckman says we need to think outside federal department lines. (Ezra Klein)
  • Russ Feingold is introducing a lot of NCLB legislation — because of election time. (Politics K12)
  • Back-to-school spending habits have yet to bounce from need to want. (Times)